Personal Growth & Awareness

Personal Endorsement as Certified DISC Professional By JMT President Paul Martinelli

Having both a certified John Maxwell DISC Behavioral Consultant & Trainer, Nward Journey is equipped to provide you with world class personal growth & development training and information; which will add value to you, co-workers, family & friends. We will work with you, your company, your organization, your school district or your governmental agency to discover how to create and sustain high performance collaboration among your people. The Maxwell DISC Profile can provide you with the following; which will greatly benefit your company/organization/agency:

  • Improving communications and team collaboration in your company/organization/agency.
  • Hiring and placing the right people, in the right positions at the right time.
  • Understanding the communication style of others and how to better connect to them.
  • Knowing your DISC communication style (Maxwell DISC Personality Indicator – MDPIR)
  • Discovering your special gifting, as well as, the specific gifts of your people.
  • Enhancing your peoples personal growth and self awareness.
  • Finding the ideal environment where “you” can confidently bring your best forward
  • Learning how we can aid you and your team in growing into your true potential.

There are two sets of expectations, yours and theirs. You have to understand where they are to be able to lead them. “. John C Maxwell

Learn how to improve your team’s personal growth, productivity, self awareness, and performance by understanding their unique styles of communication.

Discover your team’s combined strengths in the seven primary ways to influence people and outcomes. This report will enable leaders to strategically direct the efforts of the combined team in a way that leverages everyone’s strengths.

The Team Impact report combined with 17 Laws of Teamwork workshop will give your leaders an opportunity to take what they have learned in the Team Impact Executive Report and apply it in a constructive setting. This will take your team’s professional and personal growth to new heights of excellence.