Youth DISC Reports & Workshops

Youth DISC Workshops & Services:

Youth DISC Workshops & Services: As both a certified John Maxwell DISC Trainer and Behavioral Consultant, I can provide both: Youth DISC report and customized Youth DISC Workshops & services to fit the specific needs of parents & families. So whether you are part of: Churches, parent teacher organizations, private & public schools, home school groups, charter schools, youth groups, youth sports teams, or youth organizations, I can assist you.

The most important question you can ever ask yourself.  It’s not what am I getting.  It is what am I becoming” John C. Maxwell

Maxwell DISC Student Success Reports

(Mid-Elementary to Junior High Students)

The Maxwell DISC Student Success Report – Unlocking a child’s potential and setting them up for future success is dramatically impacted by their ability to experience connection & understand their unique natural strengths, behavioral style and motivation. This Youth DISC report is a valuable parenting tool for upper elementary & junior high students.

THIS Youth DISC Report has THREE KEY SECTIONS – which provides a tripod of support to unlock the potential found dead inside each precious child.

Section One: Is for your child, to help them see what makes them incredible and show them that they have special gifts.

Section Two: Is for parents and guardians. It provides valuable insight into how to build deeper connection with their child by using their child’s own unique communication style to connect with them.

Section Three: Is for sharing with your child’s teacher or tutor, so they have insight into your child’s unique behavior style, strengths, motivations, and more.

Maxwell Impact Report For College & Career (High Students)

Making an impact means leaving your mark on the world in which you live. To do this, teens must know who they are, how to communicate effectively with others, and how to use their strengths to find the career path that’s right for them. It is a valuable parenting & college preparation tool for High School Students.

  • The Maxwell Method College and Career Impact Report provides a customized roadmap for you and your teen to discover the teen’s:
  • Strengths – What they do best,
  • Weaknesses – How to recognize their blind spots,
  • Learning Style – How they naturally learn,
  • Communication Style – How they interact with others & how you parents & educators can best connect with them,
  • Motivations – The environment they need to thrive and
  • Career Matches – Career options suited to their strengths & tools to help parents & educators prepare them for college & potential future careers.