About Us

Our Goal, through training & transformational leadership, Is To Help People Overcome Hurdles Regarding The Difficulties Which Accompany: Personal, Business, Parenting And Family Challenges. We Take Them On An Inward Journey. A Journey Where They Can Embrace Self-Awareness & Lead Forward With Integrity.  If a Business, Parent, Or Individual Cannot Rise Above Their Internal Hurdles; They Will Never Rise Above The Daily Hurdles Life, School & Work Will Place Before Them Everyday.

As a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer and Speaker, I believe most people desire a R.E.A.L. approach to personal growth and transformational leadership; which is exactly what the John Maxwell approach is all about.  You will find the John Maxwell approach an excellent means to both aid and assist you in: Revealing what is most important to you; Expanding your awareness of what you can become; Aligning your actions and goals accordingly; and Lifting you towards new horizons of personal growth, leadership and success.